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Speedy Wash  Detail Map  Update Speedy Wash Information

200 North Walnut Street
Abilene, Kansas 67410


R & L Laundry  Detail Map  Update R & L Laundry Information

1424 North Summit Street
Arkansas City, Kansas 67005


Coin Mart  Detail Map  Update Coin Mart Information

407 Commercial Street
Atchison, Kansas 66002


Gemini Coin-O-Matic  Detail Map  Update Gemini Coin-O-Matic Information

2904 Military Avenue
Baxter Springs, Kansas 66713


Laundry Basket  Detail Map  Update Laundry Basket Information

631 Grant Avenue
Clay Center, Kansas 67432


Finish Line  Detail Map  Update Finish Line Information

128 East Ross Street
Clearwater, Kansas 67026


Clothes Line  Detail Map  Update Clothes Line Information

217 East Main Street
Council Grove, Kansas 66846


Derby Laundry  Detail Map  Update Derby Laundry Information

616 North Baltimore Avenue
Derby, Kansas 67037


Trail Street Laundry  Detail Map  Update Trail Street Laundry Information

420 West Trail Street
Dodge City, Kansas 67801


Super Sudz Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Super Sudz Laundromat Information

139 North Gordy Street
El Dorado, Kansas 67042


Washing Place  Detail Map  Update Washing Place Information

550 Highway 56
Elkhart, Kansas 67950


Washing Place-Laundry & Car  Detail Map  Update Washing Place-Laundry & Car Information

550 US Highway 56
Elkhart, Kansas 67950


Laundry Land  Detail Map  Update Laundry Land Information

622 East 6th Avenue
Emporia, Kansas 66801


Norge Laundry  Detail Map  Update Norge Laundry Information

515 East 12th Avenue
Emporia, Kansas 66801


Fort Scott Washateria  Detail Map  Update Fort Scott Washateria Information

501 South National Avenue
Fort Scott, Kansas 66701


Suds Yer Duds Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Suds Yer Duds Laundromat Information

1717 South Judson Street
Fort Scott, Kansas 66701


Magic Storm Truck Wash  Detail Map  Update Magic Storm Truck Wash Information

806 East Kansas Avenue
Greensburg, Kansas 67054


27th & Hall Laundromat  Detail Map  Update 27th & Hall Laundromat Information

507 West 27th Street
Hays, Kansas 67601


Highlander Laundry  Detail Map  Update Highlander Laundry Information

225 East 8th Street
Hays, Kansas 67601


Haysville Laundry  Detail Map  Update Haysville Laundry Information

416 West Grand Avenue
Haysville, Kansas 67060


Giant Cleaners & Laundry  Detail Map  Update Giant Cleaners & Laundry Information

430 North Adams Street
Hutchinson, Kansas 67501


L & D Speed Queen Laundry  Detail Map  Update L & D Speed Queen Laundry Information

628 East 4th Avenue
Hutchinson, Kansas 67501


Timber Crossing Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Timber Crossing Laundromat Information

1325 East 17th Avenue
Hutchinson, Kansas 67501


Wash & Fluff  Detail Map  Update Wash & Fluff Information

1629 West Main Street
Independence, Kansas 67301


Laundry Land JC  Detail Map  Update Laundry Land JC Information

324 North Washington Street
Junction City, Kansas 66441


Sunshine Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Sunshine Laundromat Information

1802 North Jackson Street
Junction City, Kansas 66441


Highlander Coin Laundry Mat  Detail Map  Update Highlander Coin Laundry Mat Information

1266 Merriam Lane
Kansas City, Kansas 66103


Leah's Laundromat on the Q  Detail Map  Update Leah

1909 Quindaro Boulevard
Kansas City, Kansas 66104


Rainbow Coin Laundry  Detail Map  Update Rainbow Coin Laundry Information

3416 State Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66102


Rich's Coin Laundry  Detail Map  Update Rich

348 North 7th Street
Kansas City, Kansas 66101


Rosedale Ultra Wash  Detail Map  Update Rosedale Ultra Wash Information

4310 Pearl Street
Kansas City, Kansas 66103


Shawnee Plaza Coin Laundry  Detail Map  Update Shawnee Plaza Coin Laundry Information

2821 South 47th Street
Kansas City, Kansas 66106


Sparkles Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Sparkles Laundromat Information

1033 Central Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66102


Speedqueen  Detail Map  Update Speedqueen Information

3416 State Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66102


Wallace Laundry  Detail Map  Update Wallace Laundry Information

1051 Minnesota Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66102


Washmore Coin Laundry  Detail Map  Update Washmore Coin Laundry Information

6417 State Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66102


Westfield Laundromat & Dry Cleaning  Detail Map  Update Westfield Laundromat & Dry Cleaning Information

8129 State Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66112


Nu Way Self Service Laundry  Detail Map  Update Nu Way Self Service Laundry Information

437 West D Avenue
Kingman, Kansas 67068


Nu Way Self Service Laundry  Detail Map  Update Nu Way Self Service Laundry Information

439 Lincoln Street
Kingman, Kansas 67068


Dad's Laundrymat  Detail Map  Update Dad

514 South 4th Street
Kiowa, Kansas 67070


Franks Corner Coin Laundry  Detail Map  Update Franks Corner Coin Laundry Information

6th Street & Arkansas Street
Lawrence, Kansas 66044


Hillcrest Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Hillcrest Laundromat Information

9th Street & Iowa Street
Lawrence, Kansas 66044


Lawrence Laundry  Detail Map  Update Lawrence Laundry Information

1910 Haskell Avenue
Lawrence, Kansas 66046


Norge Laundry & Cleaning Village  Detail Map  Update Norge Laundry & Cleaning Village Information

2346 Iowa Street
Lawrence, Kansas 66046


Payless Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Payless Laundromat Information

9th Street & Mississippi Street
Lawrence, Kansas 66044


Suds Laundry Service  Detail Map  Update Suds Laundry Service Information

3216 Creekwood Drive
Lawrence, Kansas 66049


Sunset West Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Sunset West Laundromat Information

6th Street & Gateway Court
Lawrence, Kansas 66049


Tamko Laundromats  Detail Map  Update Tamko Laundromats Information

Po Box 754
Lawrence, Kansas 66044


Schuler's Maytag Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Schuler

417 South 6th Street
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048


Prestige Laundry  Detail Map  Update Prestige Laundry Information

249 West Pancake Boulevard
Liberal, Kansas 67901


Speed Wash Laundry  Detail Map  Update Speed Wash Laundry Information

1118 Moro Street
Manhattan, Kansas 66502


Sud's Y'r Duds Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Sud

1453 Anderson Avenue
Manhattan, Kansas 66502


Wash Palace  Detail Map  Update Wash Palace Information

3216 Kimball Avenue
Manhattan, Kansas 66503


Westridge Laundry  Detail Map  Update Westridge Laundry Information

204 West Stolp Avenue
Medicine Lodge, Kansas 67104


Clean It Cleaners & Coin Laundry  Detail Map  Update Clean It Cleaners & Coin Laundry Information

9514 Marshall Drive
Mission, Kansas 66215


Duds'n Suds Laundry  Detail Map  Update Duds

6514 Martway Street
Mission, Kansas 66202


Little Laundrymat  Detail Map  Update Little Laundrymat Information

7735 Quivira Road
Mission, Kansas 66214


Speed Clean Laundry  Detail Map  Update Speed Clean Laundry Information

10403 West 75th Street
Mission, Kansas 66214


Westwood Village Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Westwood Village Laundromat Information

2801 West 47th Street
Mission, Kansas 66205


Welsh Coin Laundry & Dry Cleaning  Detail Map  Update Welsh Coin Laundry & Dry Cleaning Information

1800 West 1st Street
Newton, Kansas 67114


Mur-Len Laundry  Detail Map  Update Mur-Len Laundry Information

2111 East Crossroads Lane
Olathe, Kansas 66062


Tae's Laundry  Detail Map  Update Tae

223 South Kansas Avenue
Olathe, Kansas 66061


West Market Laundry  Detail Map  Update West Market Laundry Information

141 South Parker Street
Olathe, Kansas 66061


South Main Coin Laundry  Detail Map  Update South Main Coin Laundry Information

1120 North Main Street
Ottawa, Kansas 66067


South Main Coin Laundry  Detail Map  Update South Main Coin Laundry Information

1600 South Main Street
Ottawa, Kansas 66067


Duds 'n Suds  Detail Map  Update Duds

9982 West 87th Street
Overland Park, Kansas 66212


Fabric Care Center  Detail Map  Update Fabric Care Center Information

23049 Lyon Road
Parsons, Kansas 67357


Maytag Home Style Laundry  Detail Map  Update Maytag Home Style Laundry Information

1515 West Crawford Street
Salina, Kansas 67401


Southgate Coin Laundry  Detail Map  Update Southgate Coin Laundry Information

2013 South Ohio Street
Salina, Kansas 67401


Wash House Home Style Laundry  Detail Map  Update Wash House Home Style Laundry Information

924 North Santa Fe Avenue
Salina, Kansas 67401


Lenexa Coin Laundry  Detail Map  Update Lenexa Coin Laundry Information

13114 Santa Fe Trail Drive
Shawnee, Kansas 66215


Sunshine Fabricare  Detail Map  Update Sunshine Fabricare Information

8730 Santa Fe Drive
Shawnee, Kansas 66212


Tomahawk Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Tomahawk Laundromat Information

10902 West 74th Ter
Shawnee, Kansas 66214


Easy Wash Launderette  Detail Map  Update Easy Wash Launderette Information

4115 SW Gage Center Drive
Topeka, Kansas 66604


Econ-O-Wash  Detail Map  Update Econ-O-Wash Information

3156 SE 6th Avenue
Topeka, Kansas 66607


Econo Wash Laundry  Detail Map  Update Econo Wash Laundry Information

1710 SW Medford Avenue
Topeka, Kansas 66604


Ford's Laundry & Car Wash  Detail Map  Update Ford

2410 SE 6th Avenue
Topeka, Kansas 66607


Highland Crest Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Highland Crest Laundromat Information

455 SE 29th Street
Topeka, Kansas 66605


House of the Rising Suds  Detail Map  Update House of the Rising Suds Information

429 NW Lyman Road
Topeka, Kansas 66608


Laundri-Land  Detail Map  Update Laundri-Land Information

2102 SE California Avenue
Topeka, Kansas 66605


Laundries  Detail Map  Update Laundries Information

1328 SW 17th Street
Topeka, Kansas 66604


Laundry Chute  Detail Map  Update Laundry Chute Information

2910 SW Oakley Avenue
Topeka, Kansas 66614


Pauline Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Pauline Laundromat Information

5844 SW Topeka Blvd.
Topeka, Kansas 66609


Village Cleaners  Detail Map  Update Village Cleaners Information

5844 SW Topeka Blvd.
Topeka, Kansas 66609


Wheat Country Mini-Storage  Detail Map  Update Wheat Country Mini-Storage Information

527 East 16th Street
Wellington, Kansas 67152


17th Street Laundry Mat  Detail Map  Update 17th Street Laundry Mat Information

2245 East 17th Street North
Wichita, Kansas 67214


Ajay Laundry  Detail Map  Update Ajay Laundry Information

2834 North Market Street
Wichita, Kansas 67219


Betty's Too Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Betty

4130 North Arkansas Avenue
Wichita, Kansas 67204


Broadway Laundry & Dry Cleaning  Detail Map  Update Broadway Laundry & Dry Cleaning Information

1827 South Broadway Street
Wichita, Kansas 67211


Coin Laundry  Detail Map  Update Coin Laundry Information

2403 North Arkansas Avenue
Wichita, Kansas 67204


Coin Laundry Sales  Detail Map  Update Coin Laundry Sales Information

1106 South Hydraulic Street
Wichita, Kansas 67211


College Hill Laundromat  Detail Map  Update College Hill Laundromat Information

207 North Hillside Street
Wichita, Kansas 67214


College Town Laundry  Detail Map  Update College Town Laundry Information

3223 East 17th Street North
Wichita, Kansas 67214


Dana Laundromat & Dry Cleaners  Detail Map  Update Dana Laundromat & Dry Cleaners Information

2622 East Douglas Avenue
Wichita, Kansas 67214


Dirty Duds  Detail Map  Update Dirty Duds Information

2325 South Seneca Street
Wichita, Kansas 67213


Dutch Maid Laundry  Detail Map  Update Dutch Maid Laundry Information

3220 South Seneca Street
Wichita, Kansas 67217


E-Z Clean Laundry  Detail Map  Update E-Z Clean Laundry Information

4714 South Seneca Street
Wichita, Kansas 67217


Fabric Care Center  Detail Map  Update Fabric Care Center Information

2910 East Harry Street
Wichita, Kansas 67211


Fabric Care Center  Detail Map  Update Fabric Care Center Information

4901 West Central Avenue
Wichita, Kansas 67212


Hillside Laundry  Detail Map  Update Hillside Laundry Information

2890 South Hillside Street
Wichita, Kansas 67210


Jetz Service Co  Detail Map  Update Jetz Service Co Information

1610 North Mosley Street
Wichita, Kansas 67214


Lincoln East Laundry  Detail Map  Update Lincoln East Laundry Information

5520 East Lincoln Street
Wichita, Kansas 67218


Lost Sock Laundromat  Detail Map  Update Lost Sock Laundromat Information

921 S. Seneca
Wichita, Kansas 67213


M & L's Westside Laundry  Detail Map  Update M & L

7377 West Central Avenue
Wichita, Kansas 67212


Macarthur Laundry  Detail Map  Update Macarthur Laundry Information

1922 West Macarthur Road
Wichita, Kansas 67217


Meridian Laundry  Detail Map  Update Meridian Laundry Information

1543 South Meridian Avenue
Wichita, Kansas 67213


Pleasant Valley Laundrymat  Detail Map  Update Pleasant Valley Laundrymat Information

1512 West 29th Street North
Wichita, Kansas 67204


Quick-N-Easy Wash-O-Mat  Detail Map  Update Quick-N-Easy Wash-O-Mat Information

1557 South Hydraulic Street
Wichita, Kansas 67211


Southeast Laundry & Dry Cleaning  Detail Map  Update Southeast Laundry & Dry Cleaning Information

7090 East Lincoln Street
Wichita, Kansas 67207


Spin City  Detail Map  Update Spin City Information

214 West 21st Street North
Wichita, Kansas 67203


The Laundry Station  Detail Map  Update The Laundry Station Information

555 South Oliver Street
Wichita, Kansas 67218


Waco Handi Wash  Detail Map  Update Waco Handi Wash Information

1008 North Waco Avenue
Wichita, Kansas 67203


Wash Tub  Detail Map  Update Wash Tub Information

3306 West Central Avenue
Wichita, Kansas 67203


Wash Wave East  Detail Map  Update Wash Wave East Information

859 South Oliver Street
Wichita, Kansas 67218


Washboard Too Laundry  Detail Map  Update Washboard Too Laundry Information

1412 West 21st Street North
Wichita, Kansas 67203


Washking Laundry  Detail Map  Update Washking Laundry Information

3415 East 47th Street South
Wichita, Kansas 67216


Holiday Laundry  Detail Map  Update Holiday Laundry Information

1524 Main Street
Winfield, Kansas 67156


Washboard & More  Detail Map  Update Washboard & More Information

119 East Butler Street
Yates Center, Kansas 66783


Laundry Tip:

Get stained white socks and dingy dishcloths white again. Add 1 cup white distilled vinegar to a large pot of water, bring it to a rolling boil and drop in the articles. Let soak overnight.



Your weekly laundry schedule

More Laundromat Tips to Follow:

  • Sort Your Laundry at Home
  • Check the Pockets
  • Use Smartphone Laundry Apps
  • Take Your Own Detergent
  • Inspect the Washer and Dryer Before Using
  • Disinfect and Sanitize the Washer and Dryer
  • Opt for a Front-loading Washer Instead of a Top Loader
  • Use the Dryers Wisely
  • Minimize the Risk of Bedbugs
  • When Emptying a Machine, Make Sure You Don't Leave Something
  • Using a Laundromat Saves Time

Fabric Care:

  • Cotton is highly washable but can be prone to shrinking.
  • Linen is highly washable but also prone to shrinking and wrinkling. Air dry or press immediately after washing, while still damp, to eliminate wrinkles.
  • Nylon is also highly washable, but prone to static. Air drying will prevent static.
  • Polyester is highly machine washable and can be machine dried on medium- or low-heat.
  • Rayon and viscose are not highly washable. Always dry-clean rayon and viscose clothes.
  • Silk is highly prone to color loss and to water staining. Silk, despite its water-averse reputation, silk doesn't benefit from overexposure to water, and keep the water temperature consistent.
  • Spandex is machine washable, but it can hold onto odors, which means that it should be dried on a low-heat setting or air dried.
  • Wools, including cashmere and merino, are prone to felting and shrinking when washed. It's best to hand-wash woolens in cool water and allow them to air dry, flat.
  • Blends should be washed according to the instructions for the more sensitive fabric.

Cycle Speed:

Cycle speed refers to the speed and force at which clothes are agitated in the wash and spin cycles.

  • Regular cycle in which both the wash cycle, and the spin cycle, which extrudes water from the clothes post-rinsing, are fast.
  • Permanent press is a fast/slow cycle, meaning that the wash cycle is fast and the spin cycle is slow.
  • Delicate cycle is a slow/slow cycle, and the one that should be used for fine or delicate fabrics.

Drying Settings:

  • Regular: The highest heat setting, best used only for heavy items like jeans, sweatshirts and towels.
  • Permanent Press: The medium-heat setting, with a cool-down period at the end designed to reduce wrinkling.
  • Delicate: The low-heat setting, which is sometimes obviously labeled low-heat dry. Low-heat drying is also great for garments that tend to retain smells even after washing, like yoga pants or sweat-wicking shirts.
  • Tumble Dry: The no-heat setting, which is sometimes called no heat or air dry.
  • Air and Line Drying: A great choice for deodorizing and brightening whites, keeping gym clothes odor-free, making clothes last longer.
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